Does a mirror truly reflect reality?


I love working with clay...

...mixing pigments, pressing paper, using resin to render the roughness and anfractuosities of matter.
I love all the mediums that nature can provide to help me create.

Italian painter Ivana says that Saint-Paul de Vence is the perfect place for a painter, due to the quality of the light and the village’s generous nature.
She has the privilege of working in a studio at the heart of the village and collaborates with other artists in open-air painting sessions. She also runs painting workshops.

She started working with clay and pure pigments after she was inspired by a visit to Denmark. She blends shiny and opaque surfaces, giving birth to her "stelae" dubbed "La rébellion des couleurs" (The rebellion of colours). 

The colourful living magma she creates is a representation of our modern times, in which nature faces the harshness of life and of the world, battling to survive the hostile environment that surrounds it. The danger that man represents for nature is made very present.

Play on lights...

Light bouncing off the various surfaces of her work is currently Ivana’s main interest and one of the fundamental elements in her artistic explorations. She uses natural elements, which she adores, allowing the viewer to interact with her work via their own reflection shining in the surface of each piece.


Discover the artworks


Ballpoint pen and watercolor

Ballpoint pen and watercolor

Painting on fabric

Painting on fabric

Painting on fabric

Ballpoint pen and watercolor

Ballpoint pen and watercolor

Latest creation

Olio su superficie specchiante 200x100.

Ivana at work

Exhibition at Montefalco - Pérouse

Detriti sul fiume

Acrylic & Oil - 150 x 180

Meet the artist...

Atelier Ivana Olimpia Belloni

16 rue des Doriers
Tel. +39 33 56 84 65 26

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