Trizan carries on the creative flame of his Florentine family, which considered marble and stone sculpting an almost sacred Tuscan tradition.

He studied architecture and travelled the world, gaining a better understanding of art and cultures.
He finally moved to Saint-Paul de Vence where he set up his studio.

In the studio

“Everyday life and this natural block are the starting point for most of my ideas and projects. From the rock, I carve an outline which is then patiently shaped and refined.
My inspiration then turns to the secrets of polishing: a marvellous technique which I use to change, split and transform the piece, which slowly starts to freeze in time... reminiscent of the past...which is exactly what I'm going for.”

The artist then proceeds to reconsider the concept, the way the work of art is perceived. He imbues it with consciousness… or is the stone simply alive? A question of matter vs. being...


Discover the artworks


On ne bouge plus... Souriez

“My sculptures are voluntarily unfinished, paused, progressively freezing in the vastness of the mind… They elude even me... As if suddenly the piece's fascinating nature finished the work for me.
It's all a great mystery to me and I intend to explore it further.”

Meet the artist...

Luc Trizan

12 rue Grande
Phone: +33 (0)6 80 17 20 97

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