Kiki's local country roots have moulded her soul in the same way she moulds clay today. Her work is peopled with unusual enamelled panels, cracked and patched together again in the traditional style. In the past, Kiki collaborated with Miro at the Fondation Maeght and though she has since embraced ceramics, her amusing sculptures still remain true to her sources of inspiration. Kiki Giuliana's art helps us take a lighter approach to life.


In the studio

In her inspiringly silent studio hidden away in Chagall's forest, Kiki Giuliana patiently moulds, sculpts and tames the clay.



Pacifist female warriors, delightful rebels, tender enchantresses… the artist's female figures bear the weight of hope. From her potter's wheel flow numerous enamelled “grails”: monochrome conch shells, crude jars and the artist's esoteric trademark, torn flat biscuit shapes sewn back together.

La Jarra

“Jarra” hangs tethered from the four corners of a metallic structure reflecting the inescapable laws of the universe... It is an expression of freedom and settlement, tainted with suffering, healing and imagination.

Everyone can drink from "La Jarra", a gift of sharing and the promise of simple, unique togetherness. 

Meet the artist...

Art studio Kiki Giuliana

49 chemin des Gardettes Sine
Phone: +33 (0)6 10 12 72 21

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