Creator of Imaginary

Painter, poet and songwriter, Eliel is an artist based in Saint-Paul-de-Vence
whose work is divided into three parts: Painting, Piano and Poetry.

A real correspondence takes place, in fact, between the three artistic mediums of the artist
who plays the music of each of his paintings borrowed from one of his poems.

His poetic refuge

It is in his workshop nestled in the heart of the historic village of Saint-Paul-de-Vence, that Eliel gives free rein to his creativity, and composes both his Music and his "Poetry Paintings".

Paintings - Poems

Discover his work


La vie est belle

La vie est belle - n°2
La vie est belle - n°2

Eliel presents his painting "La Vie est belle" in typical Côte d'Azur colours. Born of the artist's desire to spread the Beautiful and the Good through Art in all its forms and through vibrations that are both pictorial and musical, Eliel's "La Vie est belle" is available in different colours and formats and in both one-off pieces and numbered series.


In homage to our region, the artist's true anchorage point, we are seduced by a typically Côte d'Azur atmosphere where the horizon and the sea intermingle in shades of blue and white, highlighting the artist's hand-painted message: "La vie est belle".

La vie est belle - n°3
La vie est belle - n°3Au hasard des oiseaux

The enthusiastic response to this work prompted Eliel to produce a numbered series of 10 paintings, which can be viewed in his studio. Eliel's "Tableaux Poèmes" are truly original creations: small, medium or large format, they are available as one-off pieces, numbered series or "made-to-measure" orders.

Au hasard des oiseaux

It also reflects the musicality and poetry so dear to Eliel. Like many of the artist's works, the painting-poem "La Vie est belle" is also available in musical form, the artist's desire being to establish a dialogue between the different artistic media he uses. "La Vie est belle" can also be found on his latest album, L'Envol, and it's not uncommon to hear Eliel perform the song for visitors to his studio.

Check out the music video for "L'envol", taken from the album of the same name.

Meet the artist...


27 Courtine Saint-Michel - Porte Sud de Nice
Tél. 06 18 18 10 10

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