Plastic artist, composer and director of short fiction and animation films.

What role can art take on?

Can it tear through the dark clouds and reveal the possibility of bliss and utopia? Universal spirituality expresses the emotions of all… by all… in true complementarity and communication, where rivalry and jealousy have no place...

La Danse

I design my graphic art to be symbolic. I then further illustrate it through my musical compositions, before animating the result digitally to create a short artistic animation film. The scenarios I create are humanistic stories that aim to spark the imagination, constituting the fictional aspect of my work.

Musical Moving Paintings

Tempête Danseur

Discover the music composed by Chantal Cavenel and Augustin Colombani.


Their innovative and contemporary take on 21st century musical and visual art makes for an exhibition that is brimming with life.

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Mare Medi Terra - Mare Nostrum // Chantal Cavenel & Augustin Colombani

Meet the artist...

Chantal Cavenel, AVA-POAM
Tél. +33 (0)6 15 88 06 32

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