Atelier galerie Neel Chourlet

Atelier Galerie Neel Chourlet

Céline Chourlet and Christian Neel are two French contemporary artists. Over the years, some of their exhibitions have followed each other closely, and their paths have ended up crossing at the Place des Vosges in Paris. The meeting of these two artists gave birth to a gallery in Saint- Paul de Vence and another gallery in Pont Aven. The two complementary universes live side by side, and influence each other unconsciously.

The bright colours of Céline Chourlet's paintings blend into the abstract graphics of Christian Neel and vice versa. A love story, a painting story, an intellectual fusion.

The galleries offer a unique, French and limited production of the artists Céline Chourlet and Christian Neel.

Exhibited artists:
Céline Chourlet, Christian Neel.

Opening hours and dates

All year round between 10.30 am and 7 pm.

100 % art

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