The Saint-Paul de Vence Tourist Office and team were rated Category 1 in March 2018 and pledge to:

  • Provide you with an easy-access reception facility and information space.
  • Assist you with your tourism plans.
  • Provide you with proper seating.
  • Provide you, at no charge, with information on local tourism options.
  • Post and disseminate the days and hours it is open, in at least two foreign languages.
  • Provide you with free WiFi access. 
  • Be open at least 305 days a year, including Saturday and Sunday during peak tourist or activity seasons.
  • Reply year-round to your letters and emails.
  • Provide permanent reception services staffed by personnel that speak at least two foreign languages.
  • Provide printed (hard-copy) visitor maps and guides.
  • To offer a comfortable consulting space to discover the brochures, services and cultural legacy of the destination.
  • Provide access to its trilingual website and adapted to the consultation via embedded supports.
  • Disseminate tourist information in hard-copy, printed form, translated into at least two foreign languages, with details about: all officially categorized visitor accommodations, listing (at minimum) the establishment name, postal address, email, website, telephone number, and classification level ; monuments, places of interest, and cultural, natural, or leisure attractions ; this information may include admission or user fees, hours and periods during which they are open to the public, website, phone number, and postal address ; events and activities ; emergency phone numbers.
  • Update its tourist information annually.
  • Post emergency phone numbers outside its facility.
  • Present the entire, verified offer of visitor amenities, for Saint-Paul de Vence, for all customer categories.
  • Provide access to the consultation of availabilities of classified accommodation.
  • Address your claims and/or complaints and assess your satisfaction.
  • Propose a tourist information service integrating new information and communication technologies (social networks, mobile telephony, geolocation ...).
  • Respect the requirements of the Qualité Tourisme™ brand.
  • Have a qualified and trained Vacation/Visit Adviser available to guide you.
  • Ensure that the local tourism information provided is reliable and up-to-date.

In accordance with the Ministerial Decree of November 12th 2010.

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