Silivia Bertini's art can be situated half way between “arte povera” and upcycling. Across her large canvases, hundreds of different coloured bottle caps draw the horizons of vast dreamy seascapes. Silvia Bertini's work gives insignificant everyday objects a second chance, she collects and uses that which others discard. She folds, unfolds and files the aluminium caps down until the metal glints like water.

Arte povera & Upcycling 

Wine bottle caps provide the metal for my seascapes and arrangements. I fold, unfold and file the materials down so that the metal glints like water. The water represents my memories; the thin horizon is the link between my dreams of great change and the surface of the painting.


Visitors who enter my studio are invited to write a sentence about World Peace Day. So far, I have gathered several hundred thoughts in every language to create a collaborative collection.


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La robe de peau d'âne

La cinquième robe de Peau d'âne (roughly “Donkeyskin’s fifth dress”) was exhibited under the village's front porch for the ARTENCIEL open air exhibition in 2009-2010. 

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Art studio Silvia Bertini

11 place de la Mairie
Phone: +33 (0)6 75 21 68 85

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