Pierre Marie BRISSON

Exposition "Quand le temps s'arrête..." de Pierre-Marie Brisson

At the Lefakis gallery, 13 and 14 rue Grande.

This charismatic painter lives, breathes, loves and creates with an eminent poetry, which breathes into the contemplators through his work a breeze of the energy that governs the world. For 40 years he has been showing nature and life in its most beautiful form.

From the very beginning of his career, Pierre-Marie Brisson has honoured the early modern masters of the 19th and 20th centuries with an enthusiastic passion.
These timeless works vibrate with the palette of the Mediterranean waters and a varied iconography that stems from his passion for prehistory as well as from the traditions inherited from ancient civilizations. These compositions of a luminous realism emanate from the choice of the representation of a lyrical nature. He provokes emotion through the purity of his work based on the play of textures and the intensity of colours.

In the works exhibited, we observe and feel the creative power that emanates from them. They seem to depict the essence of the soul and are timeless expressions of the substance of the world.
And time stands still...


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