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Tanagra - Just for you Atelier

The Just For You workshop invites you on a journey between painting and sculpture, punctuated by jewellery paintings, sea-scented stopovers and the fragrances of women "dressed" in almost impalpable colours. This journey reveals us her permanant needs of grace and fragility.
Tanagra is a visual artist and art historian. She is constantly searching for, creative expressions, light, aestheticism, and beauty. She comes from an earth-ground of colors and light, the Reunion Island, and if she kept this earth of her childhood, sense of the musing, the journey to which she introduces us there, drives us, towards the spotless.
She said: "The search for the light is always dominant in my creation". Fiberglass and carbon, plexiglas and stainless stitch, according to the commands, allows her to find in these materials light and sensuality, which she dedicated her main work during her university program of Plastics-arts.
We can also appreciate her way of life, that of the artist and that of the woman-artist, where she explains us to have favored, the crossing of arts and the meeting of differences… The sense, which we hope to find in our everyday life.
Tanagra artist illuminate our spaces, with elegance, lightness and poetry, as a breath put on our heart: "the breath of Tanagra".

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