Atelier Philippe Simille

Atelier Philippe Simille

Philippe Simille’s canvas have to be read as histories telling the usual world with its kindness and its hartness/cruelty.

Widely inspired by the actuality, those open windows on the world are also humoristic with a touch of inquisitiveness, clear-sighted and sometimes harsh with the madness of humanity.

Philippe Simille has a real talent of colourist and marries variation of contrasts and colors harmony. His various human species/human being, animals, monsters and miscellaneous objects aboud, entertain, irritate or make us wonder about.

In brief, Philippe Simille invite us to think but without forget to entertain us.

Exhibited artist:
Philippe Simille

Opening hours and dates

Workshop open every day from 10.30am to 7pm.

100 % art

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